Freeride patrol with Scardus catski – Shar Mountain

IMG_20180216_182732_popova sapka shar planina gorna leshnica

  From this season the ski resort Popova Shapka has new cat-ski operator. The offer and the choice will be increased in favor of the skiers and borders, who seek adventurous offers and destinations. The new adventurous offer is under the umbrella of Scardus Hotel & Spa, in close coordination with a specialized unit, Shar Outdoors. Shar Planina is a …

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Increased avalanche danger due to heavy fall of snow

20180211104718_IMG_popova sapka ceripasina shar mountain

Increased avalanche danger due to heavy fall of snow ❄❄❄ 🌨🚧 stay close to the groomed slopes and ski center base! The heavy snowfall from the last weekend, as well as the current intense snowfall, brought together more than 60 cm of new snow, and increased the danger of avalanches to the 4th and 5th levels. Recommendation: Because of poor visibility and large snow …

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Mavrovian sun tracks 25.01.2018

mavrovo bistra galicki belicki lift medenica _10154447783627614

Mavrovian sun tracks, excellent weather and ski conditions, clear sky , light wind 1°C. Most of the lifts on upper level are open, ski conditions are excellent . you can ski and the black ski pistes but the snow condition and cover in the lower sector is bad, we don’t recommend them. ski patrol skimacedonia 25.01.2018

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Vodno-Matka Trail Marathon

26840673_Vodno-Matka Trail Marathon

Follow the event EN/ Trail running race that takes you through the most beautiful parts of Vodno mountain and the most attractive vistas of Matka canyon. Races: Marathon – 40km 2800 m+ Half-marathon 23km 1400 m+ Registration and additional info @ General info Event: Vodno-Matka Trail (Mountain) Half-harathon Type: Outdoor activity / Trail running Character: International Location: Mountain Vodno – …

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Stormy day on Popova Sapka


photo 18.01.2018   Today the reason why the ski center didn’t open, were the strong winds….but good pictures were taken out 🙂 winds for the weekend will also be here around, with force 20-50 km/h, temperature around 0°C avalanche risk: Limited crossing of steep slopes and open fields with risky exposure. Ski journeys would require sound previous experience and estimation of …

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