Equipment and advices

How do I pick the correct ski size?


How do I pick the correct ski size?  The truth is that there is no magic formula for determining the perfect size ski for every skier. Factors such as height and weight provide an excellent starting point but there are other things to consider. Ski category, snow type, terrain and personal preference are just some of the things to take …

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Xavier de le Rue, Self Drone Development Associate

Xavier de le Rue Hexo+

The popular Xavier de le Rue,  not only breaks the limits of backcountry snowboarding, but  also began working with the manufacturer Hexo+ in terms of testing and development of autonomous “selfie” drone, designed to be a personal robot that will follow and record through the mountains. These Self Drone’s follow  its owner by mobile phone and there is no doubt that  they will be very …

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Preparation for winter recreation activities and skiing


Proper behavior and preparation for skiing Skiing is a lifestyle, enjoying endless horizons of mountains and winter beauty, escape from the noise and pollution of urban areas. A true vacation, entertainment and recreation with family or friends through a series of winter sport activities require adequate fitness, awareness about proper and responsible behavior on the ski slopes. Skiing and snowboarding …

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Servicing of ski equipment and some tips


  Why is servicing ski equipment necessary ? Requires less effort for braking and turning, and thus reduces the risk of injury , professional processing of edges provides good holding on the track even on the frozen ground , and thus easier managing and descending in any snow conditions paths . Condition before and after servicing Before servicing edges are …

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