Ski patrol – mount Karadzica

IMG_20180110_104021_mount karadzica ostri vrv milenkov kamen patishka reka (3)

Backcountry tour , 08.01.2018 Tour towards mount Karadzica, more like a ski patrol because we expected bad ski conditions around peak ostri vrv, but exploring day in the mountains its always better than the time spent in the polluted cities. The mountain is almost empty, only small layers od snow….wet in the base and in the forest….compact , dry on upper …

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New Year ski patrol Korab


Hanging around with Korab on the last day of the year, a great way to farewell 2017, enjoying the slopes on our promised mountain, the Korab almighty. We enter the Korab grounds very early in the morning, trailblazing the snow covered road ahead we totally dived into this winter wonderland. The temp was -4°C at the lower zones, while at …

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Mount Galicica | Catch The Sunset

National Park Galicica_20170505

Mount Galicica | Catch The Sunset | easy access hiking tour Around 35 km from the city of Ohrid by car via road P2332 (Ohrid – Resen via NP Galicica) with easy and moderate hiking tours you can catch breathless sunsets. Such relief, as well as the vicinity of the two lakes enable continuous, long and beautiful scenic views towards …

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The 7 summits dream, personal story by Ilina Arsova


July 2006, my first contact with a big icy mountain. Exactly 10 years ago with members of the mountain rescue unit from the Macedonian Red Cross, we have reached the beautiful Mont Blanc summit 4807 m. as a highest peak of the Alps and Western Europe. That was the beginning of an intense addiction and desire for spending more time …

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Macedonian summit tour with a first decent

Visit Balkan korab

Macedonian summit tour with a first decent Niklas Hollsten Highest peak of both Macedonia and Albania is Golem Korab, 2764m. Late spring conditions in February didn’t stop us to check the view from highest roof in the country. Adventure started with driving our cars from Mavrovo village to Strezimir, boarder watchtower. Earth slides, rockfalls and melt water from the mountains …

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