prv makedonska transferzala (FIRST MACEDONIAN TRAVERSE)

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Association for mountaineering sports “Transverzalec” from Skopje is pleased to announce FIRST (WESTERN) MACEDONIAN TRAVERSE that will taka place in the first half of the July 2017 in the period of 7th July till 16th July 2017.

Traverse will be guided by licensed mountaineering guides.

• Gathering of the participants at Mountain Hut “Ljuboten” is on the 7th July 2017. Organizer will provide transportation from the capital Skopje to mountain Hut “Ljuboten”
• Traverse starts the next day on the 8th July 2017 at 06.00 pm
• Entry fee for Traverse is 30 Euros per participant, and for those who want to wear their luggage with horses extra charge 80 Euros for the first five days to Mavrovo. Entry fee can be paid on the Bank account 300000000307817 Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje
• Traverse Diary can be bought at the outset, for 10 Euros.

Bring food for four days and full bivouac equipment. The trail is nearly 225 km, with an average elevation of 2200 meters above sea level in the first four days; therefore pay attention on the equipment, it must be complete but not too heavy. The total altitude variation that goes from start to end of the traverse is 6000 meters.

Please note that Daily hike is 7 to 9 hours effectively.
All registered participants will be welcomed in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia.

Registration on e-mail:
Facebook profile page:
Contact person: Bozhinovski Mijalco +389 70 234 475, Kostadinov Zoran +389 70 641 998

Basic Information:

The trail is set in 1975 by a group of Macedonian mountaineers from Mountaineering club “ELEMA” from Skopje. Over the years the Traverse has undergone some adjustments and the final version is set in 1982/83, and was introduced in July 1985, with the passage of a group of thirty mountaineers from all the republics in Yugoslavia, in that time.
Western Macedonian Traverse is hiking trail that runs from Ljuboten to Ohrid. In its features it is the longest hiking trail in Macedonia, and is probably one of the more difficult hiking trails of this type in Europe.

WESTERN MACEDONIAN TRAVERSE passes across Western Macedonia through arrays of Shar Planina, Rudoka, Vratsa, Bistra, and Stogovo through Karaorman to Ohrid, with a total length of 225 kilometers.
Characteristic of the first half of the traverse, while passing through Shar mountain massif, is relatively high altitude, the lowest point is 2,100 meters above sea level. Also track passes trough 5 mountain lakes, of total 15 Shar Mountain lakes that can be found at Shar mountain massif.
The second part of the traverse features with forest areas and fast mountain rivers which cascades down through the slopes forming countless waterfalls. Perhaps most interesting are the villages through which Traverse passes, Selce, Tresonce, Lararopole and Gari with an abundance of old Macedonian architecture specific to this part of the Balkans. Traverse final spot is town of Ohrid, with its numerous churches of the Byzantine period, and beautiful Ohrid Lake. For this city are bound first European university and the beginnings of Slavic literacy.

Accommodation on the last day of the traverse is at Scout camp in Ohrid.

We hope that this extraordinary Traverse will provoke interest to join us this summer in exploring the mix of natural beauties and cultural and historical landmarks of Macedonia.

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