New Year ski patrol Korab


Hanging around with Korab on the last day of the year, a great way to farewell 2017, enjoying the slopes on our promised mountain, the Korab almighty. We enter the Korab grounds very early in the morning, trailblazing the snow covered road ahead we totally dived into this winter wonderland. The temp was -4°C at the lower zones, while at the upper parts we had very powerful N-NE winds approx 40-45 km/h, with windchill of  -18°C, and constant strong spin-drifts. Very enjoyable ski patrol while we breaked in gear planed to rock this season. Of course, typical for 2017 on our retreat we faced the challenge of having a flat tyre on our truck, in the deep snow and all the baggage that goes with it!!

Hail from the mountain and Happy New 2018 Year!!

Stay safe!

IMG_5746 IMG_5760 IMG_5763 IMG_5782 IMG_5784

About Dimitar Popov

Ski alpinist, rock climber and mountain guide. I dedicate my life to climbing and pushing my own limits as well as spreading the climbing vision. Owner and Manager at Ski Hut Gorica - Mavrovo Founder, President &Head Instructor at СКК Вардар- Скопје Former Founder & Head Instructor at

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