Preparation for winter recreation activities and skiing

Proper behavior and preparation for skiing Skiing is a lifestyle, enjoying endless horizons of mountains and winter beauty, escape from the noise and pollution of urban areas. A true vacation, entertainment and recreation with family or friends through a series of winter sport activities require adequate fitness, awareness about proper and responsible behavior on the ski slopes.

Ski center Zare Lazarevski Mavrovo

Skiing and snowboarding are active sports , that move the whole body and all muscle groups , involving high altitudes , large fluctuations of temperature and time setting, cold, wind and strong sunlight , variations of body temperature during skiing and waiting in a raw or transport with cable car. In order to cope with all these aspects and protect yourselves from undesirable injuries, before ski season starts and you are not an active athlete ,it is a must to mobilize your body through different cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming, cycling, fitness ,check in and consultancy with a doctor if any previous injury was caused. Besides physical and mental preparation it is very important to check the ski equipment, compatibility of the skies, snowboard, bindings and ski boots. During the winter , every stay on a  fresh air and sunshine affects human body positively. Walking in snow and exposure to fresh air during  winter is of great importance for health , increases blood circulation , positively affects the body and heats the body .We should cherish the habit and desire to stay in the snow while with modesty and wisdom enjoy the blessings of winter . If you want to return from skiing refreshed and tanned you will need to take few basic precautions.

kolazturisti Briefly what to pay attention to: Clothes should be comfortable and warm, unless you own highly sophisticated clothes for skiing and mountaineering. Use natural materials like cotton and wool, versus synthetics that causes sweating which can irritate the skin. Wear multiple layers of clothes, while a jacket and pants should have increased water resistance. Under Wind-jacket it is better to wear thinner two t-shirts and blouses versus thicker one. The appropriate foot wear are thermal socks and always bring a spare pair to change.

Additional accessories required in winter are certainly warm hat and gloves, and long-term exposure to the sun on the snow sunglasses with high UV filter are mandatory and will protect you from strong light reflection present at the ski slopes and mountains especially in winter. What is certain but not in terms of fashion but in the direction of proper care is wearing a protective helmet when skiing in order to minimize the risk of adverse situations.

Skin care The face skin anointed with nutritious and moisturizing creams with UV factor protects you from the mountain sun which can burn the skin and dry it if you stay intensely and under the influence of the strong wind. Therefore it is recommended to consume liquid – water, tea , juices , multiple times during the day. Dermatologists do not recommend, even in winter, usage of so called greasy cream that closes the pores and do not allow the skin to breathe. They neither recommend fat cream intended for children’s skin, that helps only babies the skin because adult’s skin needs moisture, not greasy . Do not forget to protect the lips too, balsams with SPF are great for the mountain, but if you’re one of those who puts make-up for sports, then use nourishing lipsticks and lip gloss that also contains sun protection. When you return at night tired after skiing all day long, skating, sleigh ride, it is advisable to take a relax shower with lukewarm water versus hot tub filled with water that we all dream of when is cold.

Nutrition While your stay at the ski slopes meals should be light and nutritious, with high-energy groceries, which are digested quickly and immediately gives energy to the body. Alcoholic beverages should certainly be avoided.

hrana Breakfast: based on carbohydrates and sugars (bread, jam, honey, butter, milk, eggs, biscuits, fruit …) Lunch: to be lightweight, easily digestible and warm. Fresh vegetable and fruit. Avoid fatty dishes. Snack: It is good to drink coffee or tea with some cookies. Dinner: Light and nutritive.    

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