Servicing of ski equipment and some tips


Why is servicing ski equipment necessary ?
Requires less effort for braking and turning, and thus reduces the risk of injury , professional processing of edges provides good holding on the track even on the frozen ground , and thus easier managing and descending in any snow conditions paths .

Condition before and after servicing
Before servicing edges are blunt and rusty ,the surface is scratched , damaged and with no structure ,after servicing edges are sharpened, and the surface is flat and waxed .

Measures that you yourself can take for your equipment to be in good condition:
– Cleaning and drying bindings and skis / snowboards after each use
– Keep equipment in dry place without moisture
– Using wax to protect the surface
– Repair all apparently minor damage
– Despite good cleaning and drying, it is recommended to apply a good layer of wax at the end of the season.
When you need equipment servicing?
The pace of servicing the skis depends on how often you use the equipment, conditions and terrain in which it is used, as well as your skills and knowledge about utilization of the equipment. An initial control service is recommended at the beginning of the season, and if skiing intensively many days at the end of the season, when a complete cleaning, protection and drying is done.
How to self-assess whether a service is needed?
-While skiing if you are not able to make easy turning on icy path, then it is necessary to sharpen the edge.
-Low speed at flat tracks, means that lubrication and surface recovery with wax is necessary.
– Whether the skis or the snowboard vibrate on flat trails, basis recovery and surface gliding is necessary.

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